Complaints – Refund and Replacement

Applies only to products purchased on our e-shop.

If you want to return or exchange a product, please follow the steps outlined below. This will greatly speed up the entire complaints procedure. In the event of an incorrect complaints procedure, we can’t be held responsible for any potential errors.

Procedure for the return and replacement of goods:

  1. Contact the tech support on the address, specify the number of your order and describe your problem briefly.
  2. Our tech support representative will first try to solve the problem with you. In case the problem cannot be solved, we will offer you a refund or replacement. Please do not omit this step, that’s the only way for us to know that we should expect your package.
  3. Attach a short description of the problem to the package and pack everything carefully
  4. a) Fill in the shipping label and stick it on the package.


          b) Write this information on the package:

              - Consignee:

                                  Ebike Electronic s.r.o.
                                  K Nemocnici 938/21
                                  741 01 Novy Jicin
                                  Czech Republic

             - Consignor
             - Order number
             - Item, QTY, HS Code
             - Information, that the package contains claimed goods

            Please note that if the package does not contain all this information, it may not be properly cleared. It will be returned to you by the customs office and your complaint will not be processed.

  1. If the carrier requires to enclose documents for the customs procedure, fill in the pro forma invoice (link). This pro forma invoice is intended exclusively for the customs procedure when exchanging/returning the goods. Proforma is not a tax document.

Download the pro forma invoice: here

Keep the tracking number for any potential tracking of your package.

The SpeedBox Tuning Team employees are available on e-mail and will gladly explain the entire return and replacement procedure to you.