SpeedBox Ebike Cleaner

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The most effective cleaner for all types of bikes and e-bikes!

Extends the lifespan of treated components
Saves maintenance time
Easy and quick to apply
Unique hydrophobic and anti-corrosion properties

Package volume 500 ml

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Do you want to give your bike the best treatment? Do you want to easily and cheaply extend the lifespan of all components?

SpeedBox Ebike Cleaner in the form of a sprayer is specially designed to provide maximum effectiveness in removing any surface dirt from the bike, including mud, oil, and dust. It is a versatile product suitable for cleaning and maintenance of all types of bikes and e-bikes, and all their parts such as frames, gears, chains, pedals, and other components.
SpeedBox Ebike Cleaner significantly reduces surface adhesion and gives your bike a shiny appearance, so it will always look as good as new! All this thanks to the unique hydrophobic properties, which also contribute to a longer lifespan and better functionality of your bike.

Protects against corrosion: Water and moisture are among the main causes of rusting. If you apply a cleaner with hydrophobic properties to your bike, water does not accumulate on its surface. This will help to keep your bike dry and protect the metal parts of the bike such as chains and fasteners. Our cleaner also contains active anti-rust additives, so corrosion has no chance.
Reduces dirt adhesion: Less dirt will stick on treated surfaces. Your bike will stay cleaner for a longer time and will not require as much maintenance. Thanks to this, every subsequent cleaning will be faster, because the trapped dirt will be easily washed away.

Saves applied lubricants: Thanks to its ability to repel water and dirt, lubricants will stay on the chain longer, helping to reduce wear and improve the performance of the chain system. In this way, you will save not only lubricants, but also time and costs associated with more frequent maintenance and replacement of these important components.

In addition to its unique efficiency and versatility, SpeedBox Ebike Cleaner has also been designed with an emphasis on environmental friendliness. It is water soluble and biodegradable. The cleaner has been dermatologically tested.

Instructions for use:
1. Apply SpeedBox Ebike Cleaner to the dirty areas using a sprayer.
2. Allow it to work for about 30 seconds.
3. Then rinse thoroughly.
4. Repeat the entire procedure for heavily soiled areas.
5. After the cleaning process, we recommend protecting your chain with our chain lube SpeedBox ChainCare Pro.